The Temple of Gainz Mission Statement is simple:
Provide the highest quality, most versatile, and effective strength and hypertrophy training equipment, in the most compact form factors, at the best prices, with unparalleled customer service.

Let's break this down:

Highest Quality:

We focus on producing the highest quality machines using the highest quality materials.

That includes heavy-duty powder-coated steel, super-smooth state-of-the art bearings, knurled aluminum handles and textured rubber grips, optional aluminum pulleys, quality control at every step, and so much more. 

Most Versatile & Compact:

Our focus is on designing and producing dual or multi-use machines, understanding that - if the greatest constraint in life is time, the greatest constraint in a gym is space.

We design and build our machines to be as versatile as they are compact. Our "Grand Temple" All-in-One Rack covers dozens, if not hundreds, of exercises, and our isolation machines have dual (ex: Leg Extension + Curl Machine) or even multiple uses (ex: Multi-Flight Machine).

Our single movement machines do what they do exceptionally well, in the tightest possible form factor, with all weight storage horns optional, to save on space. Most even have multiple grips (ex: Iso-Lateral Row) to hit different body parts with the same machine.

Most Effective:

The word "biomechanical" gets thrown around too often these days, with self-proclaimed TikTok and Instagram fitness gurus popping up daily, but our machines truly are designed and engineered to follow biomechanically correct principles.

Every plate-loaded machine has adjustable seating and follows the correct converging, diverging, or linear motion path for the body part and movement in question.

Our selectorized machines follow natural angles with enough adjustability and versatility to work for all body types from small to big, and trainees from beginner to advanced.

Strength & Hypertrophy Training:

Some people chase PRs and will spend a year to add 20 pounds to their bench. Others just want bulbous biceps, rotund rhomboids, legendary lats, and gargantuan glutes (and can you blame them?).

Our equipment is made for everyone, from the strength enthusiasts to the bodybuilding buffs. Whatever your training goals are - our machines will help you get there.

The Best Prices:

They say "You get what you pay for," but, do you really?

Why do some commercial machines cost upwards of $10,000 or more?

On the other hand, why do some "home gym" machines cost a paycheck and a half, when they barely do what they are supposed to?

We're here to bridge the gap. Our machines are not cheap - but they are the absolute best prices you will find on commercial quality machines that have all of the functionality, feel, and quality of the big name brands, at a fraction of the cost.

We're a boutique operation, focused on bringing in the right pieces, at the right prices.

We don't have a showroom - but we're always available - so we can pass those savings onto you.

The Best Customer Service:

Every member of our team trains and uses Temple of Gainz equipment.

We know our machines inside and out, backwards and forwards, up and down, left and right (okay... we get it).

We come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, from logistics and warehousing to graphic design and 3D modeling, and we all value and understand the importance of providing the absolute best customer service, at all times.

We don't do it because we feel like we need to. We do it because we love what we do and our passion is infectious.

We want you to build your Temple of Gainz, just as we have built ours.