Temple of Gainz

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The Temple of Gainz Iso-Lateral Plate-Loaded Row Machine is a back-building monster of a machine in a compact footprint.

This machine features super-smooth, high-quality bearing movement arms on a biomechanically correct diverging movement pattern, with a stable foot support platform. The perfectly-sized chest support pad allows you to truly isolate your back muscles, providing the right amount of support, without getting in the way of your shoulders and arms.

Two sets of angled knurled aluminum handles feel amazing in your hands and allow for a narrow, medium, to wide grips, to target different muscles of your back. Combined with a spring-loaded adjustable seat pad, you can vary your set-up to truly maximize the potential of this amazing machine. For example, set the seat low and use the wide grips to hit your traps and rear delts, or set the seat high and use a more narrow grip to focus on your lats.

Plus, the iso-lateral movement arms mean you can use this machine uni-laterally or bi-laterally, allowing for uniform and symmetrical strength and muscle development.


- Diverging movement arms with two sets of knurled aluminum handles for multiple grips and exercise variety
- Spring-loaded adjustable-height seat pad and chest support pad
- Aluminum footplate and stable foot support platform
- Super-smooth, high-quality bearings
- Heavy-duty powder-coated steel and straightforward assembly

Tech Specs

- Total Machine Weight: 282 lbs (128 kgs)
- Dimensions: 5.11' L x 4.68' W x 4.81' H
- California Residents SEE PROP 65 WARNINGS


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