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Version 2 of our Selectorized Standing Multi-Flight Machine ships early-August! Pre-Orders are open now. Please contact for more information.

Version 2 includes the following upgrades:

  • Improved handle design with a shorter stem, longer handles, and increased angle for an improved feel and bio-mechanically correct motion path.

  • 8x additional dial start points on each side (4x left and 4x right) for nearly 360 degree starting points and maximum "pre-stretch" on all movements.

The Temple of Gainz Selectorized Standing Multi-Flight Machine is the shoulder and chest builder you never knew you needed but will never be able to live without!

At the core of this machine are two rotating cams that are connected to movement arms that swivel forwards/backwards and left/right. This allows the movement arms to provide tension both upwards and downwards at 25 different circular angles and 15 different hydraulic-assisted heights / starting positions.

Facing the machine and with adjustments made to rotate the handles upwards, this machine allows you to perform:

- Standing lateral raises (targeting your lateral deltoids)

- Bent over lateral raises (targeting your posterior/rear deltoids, trapezius, and rhomboids), with a foam head support pad

- Unilateral front raises (targeting your anterior deltoids) by standing perpendicularly to the machine and rotating the handles upwards

- Chest flies (targeting your pectoral muscles) by adjusting the handles upward and using your chest to "squeeze" the handles inward

- Unilateral lat pulldowns/pullovers (targeting your latissimus dorsi muscles) by using the additional dial stop points (on Version 2) to begin the handles at an upward position and "pull" them down

Whether you choose to perform your exercises uni-laterally or bi-laterally, the nearly 360 degree starting points allow you to "pre-stretch" the movement for an even tension curl throughout the entire range of your desired movement.

We called this machine the "Deltoid Variant" due to the myriad ways you can target every muscle in your deltoids and chest.

*A note about Temple of Gainz Selectorized Machines* 

On the fence? Selectorized Machines are in your reach!

All Temple of Gainz Selectorized/Pin-Loaded machines make having commercial-style machines with weight stacks a reality for home gym users. We carefully design and produce our selectorized machines to be compact and space efficient - perfect for home gyms and training studios.

Machines come disassembled in carefully bubble-wrapped parts and are easy to bolt together and assemble. No need for forklifts, moving companies, and/or bribing five friends with beers for help.

Cable routing is easy and weight plates are easy to stack and assemble. We have personally assembled and disassembled every machine we sell, so if you have any questions, someone will always be available to help you!


- 17 adjustable pin-lock angles (on each side) and 15 hydraulic-assisted starting positions
- Foam head support pad for chest and rear delt movements
- Movement arms that swivel forward/backward and left/right with texturized rubber grip handles

Tech Specs

- Total Machine Weight: 430 lbs (195 kgs)
- Dimensions: 2.43' L x 3.74' W x 6.40' H
- Included Weight Stack: 220 lbs (100 kgs)
- California Residents SEE PROP 65 WARNINGS


10 Year Parts
1 Year Cable