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The Temple of Gainz Selectorized Hip Abduction and Adduction Machine is the perfect combination machine to train your inner and outer thighs. Colloquially known as the "Good Girl / Bad Girl" machine, for reasons beyond the scope of this product description, this dual-function unit trains the important and often-neglected muscles hip abductor and adductors.

Featuring comfortable rubber foot supports with two levels of foot placement (for a more angled or perpendicular knee angle), comfortable knee pads that swivel depending on the direction of the movement, and 7 pin-locked starting positions, this machine allows you to train hip abduction and adduction with a smooth, constant tension curve.

The hip adduction (inner thigh) movement of this machine can be varied, depending on the selected pin, from a more narrow angle, to a nearly 180 degree angle for those flexible enough to start from this position. The hip abduction (outer thigh) movement of this machine can start from legs parallel, or legs further apart, depending on your training goals.

With a smooth, selectorized weight stack and comfortable texturized rubber grip handles and upholstered seat and back pads, training your inner and outer thigh muscles has never been easier or more fun. At only 4.99' L x 2.00' W (at narrowest starting position), this machine takes up a minor footprint with major functionality for your lower body training!

*A note about Temple of Gainz Selectorized Machines* 

On the fence? Selectorized Machines are in your reach!

All Temple of Gainz Selectorized/Pin-Loaded machines make having commercial-style machines with weight stacks a reality for home gym users. We carefully design and produce our selectorized machines to be compact and space efficient - perfect for home gyms and training studios.

Machines come disassembled in carefully bubble-wrapped parts and are easy to bolt together and assemble. No need for forklifts, moving companies, and/or bribing five friends with beers for help.

Cable routing is easy and weight plates are easy to stack and assemble. We have personally assembled and disassembled every machine we sell, so if you have any questions, someone will always be available to help you!



- Seven pin-locked starting positions for hip abduction and adduction movements at adjustable starting angles
- 100kg pin-loaded selectorized weight stack at 5kgs increments
- Texturized rubber grip handles

Tech Specs

- Total Machine Weight: 410 lbs (186 kgs)
- Dimensions: 4.99' L x 2.00' W x 5.09' H
- Included Weight Stack: 220 lbs (100 kgs)
- California Residents SEE PROP 65 WARNINGS


10 Year Parts
1 Year Labor