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The Plate-Loaded Adjustable Flat + Incline + Decline (F.I.D.) Converging Bench Press Smith Machine is a revolutionary machine, which allows you to hit your upper body safely, effectively, and biomechanically correctly, at a wide range of angles.

Unlike a traditional smith machine (which functions like a barbell on a straight path) this innovative smith machine includes two separate tracks, on a converging upwards path. Using a rotating handle engagement and disengage mechanism, you can easily un-rack each handle independently, perform your exercise, and re-rack safely. The independent handles allow for uni-lateral isolation and exercises can be uni-laterally or bi-laterally, allowing for uniform development of your left and right chest.

The bench effortlessly slides forward and backward at 17 different pin-locked positions, while both the bench and seat offer independent adjustment angles . The bench can be adjusted to two decline positions (-7.5° and -15°), flat position (0°), and six incline positions (7.5°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 37.5°, and 45°), for a total of nine different bench angles. The seat portion adjusts to six different angles, allowing you to find the best fit and support for your chosen bench angle, with a comfortable leg roller to hold your legs in place.

With 9 different bench angle positions, 17 forward-backward positions, and a biomechanically efficient converging "bar" path, this is the ULTIMATE machine to build your chest from every angle, while hitting shoulders and triceps. This machine also includes 4x weight horns for convenient weight plate storage.


- 17 Forward-backwards bench positions
- 9 Bench angles (-15°, -7.5°, flat/0°, 7.5°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 37.5°, 45°)
- 6 Seat pad angles
- Converging path with quiet and smooth ball-bearings and super comfortable and grippy rubber handles
- Easy dismount and remount of handles

Tech Specs

- Total Machine Weight: 423 lbs (192 kgs)
- Dimensions: 6.99' L x 6.36' W x 5.74' H
- California Residents SEE PROP 65 WARNINGS


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