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Frame Color: Black Frame

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Version 2 of the Pendulum Squat is in stock and ships within 1-3 business days!
Version 2 of our Pendulum Squat features:
- Wider and taller footplate - 27" W x 24" T (from 24" W x 21" T)
- Wider backpad - 14" W (from 10" W) 
- Improved engage/disengage side handle mechanism and ergonomic hack-squat style angled rubber handles
- Thicker movement arm steel frame and additional horizontal + diagonal cross-members, to increase stability and reduce torsion
- Addition of 4x weight storage horns (2x on each side of the machine)
- Addition of 4x resistance band pegs for use on the rear weight-horns (on the movement arm)
- Only FIVE units available in a LIMITED EDITION white frame finish! (UPDATE: THREE SOLD, TWO LEFT!)

Can training legs ever be fun? Yes! With the Temple of Gainz Adjustable Pendulum Squat Machine, you might actual start looking forward to leg day.

Our innovative pendulum squat combines all of the incredible features of pendulum squat machine's of the past, with new features that make it more ergonomic, adjustable, and effective.

At the core of the pendulum squat machine is a super-smooth, high-quality bearing movement, an angled platform, and a comfortable seat back with shoulder pads, that mimics a hack-squat type of movement.

However, instead of a linear path, the pendulum squat allows your to move your body in a more natural and biomechanically correct "circular" angle, which is easier on your knees and lower back.

The rubber grip handle functions as both the engage/disengage mechanism to start the exercise, as well as a stable grip for the duration of the movement. The rubber stopper in the back can be raised or lowered to find the optimum safety position to safely lower the weight if you train until failure and cannot complete a rep.

Our pendulum squat features several key innovative features that separate it from the rest of the pack:
- The inclusion of weight horns on both the back AND front of the machine allow you to "counterbalance" your weight load (versus machines with a fixed front load or no front load at all)
- The footplate adjust both forwards and backwards with an easy-to-adjust pin-lock mechanism on both sides of the footplate
- The footplate feature adjustable angles with an easy-to-adjust pin-lock mechanism, allowing you to find the best angle for your build and training goals. 
- The 23.5" wide by 21.5" tall platform allows you to find the optimal foot placement for your goals, with a lower foot placement targeting more quads and higher foot placement targeting more glutes and hams

The combination of all of these features, as well as the heavy-duty, powder coated steel construction, straightforward assembly, and incredibly affordable price make this an absolute no-brainer for quad and leg development.

Make leg day great again with the Temple of Gainz Plate-Loaded Adjustable Pendulum Squat Machine!


- Weight horns on front and rear (for working weight + counterbalance weight)
- Rubber grip engage/disengage mechanism
- Forward/backward adjustable footplate with adjustable angles
- Pegs for attaching resistance bands, to vary resistance curve
- Comfortable upholstered back and shoulder pads
- Adjustable rear safety rubber stopper

Tech Specs

- Total Machine Weight: 384 lbs (174 kgs)
- Dimensions: 8.02' L x 3.34' W x 5.30' H (total measurements, including weight horns and movement arms)
- California Residents SEE PROP 65 WARNINGS


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