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Rare machine alert! The Temple of Gainz Plate-Loaded Lat Pullover Machine is your opportunity to own and use a machine used by the bodybuilding greats, most iconically familiarized by Dorian Yates. The lat pullover was often called the "upper body squat" due to the number of muscles it hits in the upper body.

Our interpretation combines modern technology to bring you this machine to your home at a price you would not believe. Featuring a comfortable and ergonomically correct slightly inclined position, which a super-smooth one hand seat adjustment mechanism, it's easy to find the perfect starting position for your build.

Elbow pads allow you to stabilize your arms and grip from a narrow to wide angle, whatever is most comfortable for you. The movement itself features an incredibly smooth belt-driven motion, with two weight horns, allowing for an easy way to load massive amounts of weight. Two optional weight horns allow for weight plate storage.

Build your lats, chest, and upper body with this classic, rare, and incredible machine. Don't believe us? Take Bret Contreras' word on pullover machines in general:

"The machine pullover rocks because it keeps constant tension on the lates through the fullest ROM. It's like a free weight pullover and a straight-arm pulldown combined. It's an instance where machinery allows for something cool that you can't do with free weights."


- Lever-adjusted starting seat height position
- Super-smooth belt-driven motion
- Two weight plate horns for movement load plus two optional weight plate storage horns

Tech Specs

- Total Machine Weight: 366 lbs (166 kgs)
- Dimensions: 5.68' L x 6.27' W x 4.89' H
- California Residents SEE PROP 65 WARNINGS


10 Year Parts